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When Jerome D. Bender opened his law office in the Woolworth Building in New York City in 1955 after service in the United States Army in a military justice capacity, the world was a different place.  Our Nation was entering into a long and deadly cold war with the Communist bloc of nations.  We lived through the era which included the Kennedy assassination, the war in Vietnam, and ultimately the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and the fall of Communism.  We now face new challenges from Al Qaeda and other foreign terrorists.  And the digital revolution has affected us all.  Just as the world has changed, we as a firm have also changed.  In the early days of our practice, we were consulted primarily by residents of New York City.  As the years went by, we were increasingly consulted by potential clients throughout the county.  Also, the nature of the inquiries grew from simple cases to complex cases, i.e. dangerous drugs; surgical implants torts, asbestos etc.  Also, the number of laws and regulations expanded exponentially.  In order to assist out clients in obtaining fair compensation for their losses and/or insure that they receive maximum compensation in any award or judgment in the aforesaid practice areas and/or to insure proper representation in jurisdictions where we are not admitted to practice, we routinely co-counsel with some of the leading law firms in New York and other jurisdictions in the aforesaid practice areas. We work with local counsel and/or specialized counsel depending on circumstances.

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